As of July 1st, 2023, this site is under construction at the same time as it will be used. I do not have the time to put things in suspension while they get finished – that’ll never happen 😄

I came to DreamHost because Hostgator was not working for me – it’s a great host, but the site was not working. Going on was a disaster, so now it is here! AALLLLL the links to everywhere for Long Dog Cards, PiP Podcast, Kickstarters, all that stuff will always be here, as usual, even if things are also updated elsewhere.

Please continue visiting as new art, sets, available come to fruition – the WILL be a store, it’s already nearly done, as well as my Etsy store – as a new page will be constructed over time with links to all the small publishers, resources to other resources… all that nifty stuff.

Thanks for visiting – I hope to have this spruced up soon!