Dragons – Assembly and Shipping Update for July 4th

Good evening!

Dragons is Ingrid Hardy’s (Long Dog Cards) project but I’m responsible for certain special card assemblies and shipping. So am posting an update here so everyone knows what’s what and when’s when 🙂

Am still waiting on a couple artists to get their sketch cards to us. WHILE I’m waiting I’m assembling the relic cards, autograph cards, linocut cards and etching cards. The linocut and etching cards are all completely assembled now. And this afternoon I completed assembling the RELIC cards with genuine artificial real faux dragon skin. And here’s a photo of ALL of the relic cards:

Every relic card is unique … no two relics exactly the same. 

NEXT on my agenda is to finish the Dragons autograph cards … hopefully around the time I’m done with those cards the final sketch card artists’ packages will be arriving in the mail. THEN I’ll build the Dragons packaging, process the paperwork, and mail out all parcels. As per usual, will provide tracking numbers for each package. 

Our original plan was to be shipping in June … well, I hadn’t planned on having ‘delayed artists’ and until the sketch cards are here I can’t collate and process everything. So we’ll be shipping in JULY. No need to message me asking if your parcel is mailed yet — you’ll get a tracking number from Richard when the parcel(s) are mailed.  Just please note: I’m responsible for shipping and Ingrid isn’t.

For collectors in the US … ‘Happy Fourth of July’! And for collectors in England you can celebrate ‘Happy Treason Day, you bloody ungrateful colonists!’ 🙂

Richard Parks