Dragons Shipping Update

–  Eeeeee! It is actually happening! Below is the update from RRParksCards – he has been a big part of this project; in fact, he has been the engine. Last year, this was an idea I had and wanted to do, but it was MUCH smaller, and did not have sketch cards. After much cajoling, he convinced me to try this and I’m incredibly happy I did! Lindsey Greyling (Leg Day Cards) did the stunning subset AND has been my morale support, because a project this size (well for me it is big), it was very scary. There is no turning back for me now, though! I LOVE doing this. Below is the update from Mr. Parks himself, and now this project from Long Dog Card, Leg Day Cards, and RRParksCards is on its way to the post office!

À bientôt!!  Ingrid Hardy – Long Dog Cards

     –  Alrighty all you wonderful patient collectors (and even the not-so patience collectors) I’m just about done with product assembly and paperwork. ALL of the DRAGONS sets are now assembled and shrinkwrapped.  In fact, that photo above (without the flames) is the stack of DRAGONS Master sets all packaged in their holographic stock packaging and shrinkwrapped. So what happens next? I’ll be processing out all the paperwork, mailing addresses, special requests, orders of original production art of Ingrid Hardy and Lindsey Greyling (Leg Day Cards) … and THEN comes the shipping labels. Everything I need is here and ready. So my PLAN is to do paperwork and labels all day tomorrow July 26th) and either tomorrow or the next morning (July 28th) will put ALL Kickstarter pledge packages in the mail so that EVERYTHING is mailed during the month of July … THIS month … NOW!

This DRAGONS project was such a fun card series to be part of along with Lindsey Greyling all under CAPTAIN Ingrid Hardy who has overseen everything about this trading card adventure. This is Ingrid’s first LARGE SCALE trading card series she’s producing … after publishing her three volume classic THE ART OF SKETCH CARDS book series. And she really included ALL the bells and whistles such as base set, subsets, lenticular 3D flip card, linocut card card, etching card, 3 different autograph cards, 3 different relic cards, 3 special ‘gold foil’ cards, holographic stock subset and more … INCLUDING a wonderful roster of DOZENS of talented sketch card artists. ALL of this, including 3 promo cards, can be found in the master sets (that picture above… again, without the fire). I hope you enjoy the cards!

If you have any questions about shipping you can direct those questions to me since I’m the one doing the shipping. My email is RRParksCARDS@yahoo.com … my Facebook is ‘Richard Parks’ … and if you DO need to message or email me a question be SURE to include your backer number and/or the name you used on Kickstarter so I can look up your information.


Richard Parks