A brief update on the Dragons project! We are now officially a teensy bit late.

Still waiting on a couple of artists. Those cards should be here this week though, and the MINUTE they are here, RRParksCards (the partner-in-crime on this project) will be putting together the sets! I’m going to make a rough estimate that the sets could well ship out to you in two weeks or less.

My deeeeep apologies for this delay – stuff happens! I do hope you all understand. We are super-responsible, and want this set to be beautiful! Speaking of which, RRParks will be sharing a photo of his part of the set, and I cannot wait to see that.

So do stay tuned – tomorrow there will be visuals. The set and project really are nearly done! Please reach out to me OR to Richard Parks if you have ANY questions!

  • Me: ingridhardy32@gmail.com
  • Richard Parks: rrparkscards@yahoo.com

In other updates, there is a new episode of the PiP Podcast – “Art Business with Nicki Workman” if you would like to watch that while you wait!

See you tomorrow!

Ingrid Hardy